About ZO Jewellery

About Us:

ZO Jewellery is a UK based jewellery brand that uses upcycling techniques to create unique, sterling silver jewellery. 

During this difficult time, I have tried using materials that are accessible to me without putting any extra strain on the environment. We believe that we are a sustainable jewellery brand, to find out more, read below:

Why are we sustainable?

  • All of our materials are sourced from the UK
  • All products are upcyled using second hand cutlery
  • We create very limited waste in our manufacturing process
  • None of our materials are harmful or cause pollution
  • All products are bespoke so we never overbuy/ waste items and materials

Future changes:

  • We are going to be hosting some ‘No Waste’ sales to ensure that unwanted items don’t get thrown away
  • We are changing our ring box sticker so that the box can be reusable
  • We are considering using more recyclable packaging

Thank you for visiting my page, if you have any questions or queries, please email me.

Stay safe!

ZO Jewellery